Friday, March 15, 2013

Surviving After Breast Cancer treatments

I have just come out of a year full of Breast cancer treatments.  I had chemo, 3 surgeries, and radiation, and now the 5 yrs of Tamoxifen.  Well, I think I will survive the breast cancer, but the havok it reeked on my body is insane.  I now have chronic inflammation which the numbers are so high that they are over the test limit.  This inflammation causes severe muscle spasms. I know have full blown Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. 

To complicate it all, I gained 45lbs, and am sensitive to medication and nearly always have a reaction of some sort.  Some severe.  I am now going on 12 weeks of hives after a reaction to methotrexate which also gave me a lung infection.  So I am going el nature el .  ... I am weaning myself off the prednisone and only going to take the tamoxifen to keep the cancer away.

To do this - CUre MYSELF -  I am going for the food cure - based on what I eat.  I will be posting new recipes I find.  I will be following the DASH diet, Goddess diet, and Dr. Oz lets see what happens in 4 - 6 wks from now.  If I cant make any headway I will go back to prescription drugs (hope not)