Sunday, March 24, 2013

Comfy Low-fat, Gluten Free Lasagna - oh so Yummy

Its a blizzard in Eastern Indiana today so we need something hearty and comforting.  Lasagna made this way will serve the purpose and not hurt the diet .  I always make two pans at the same time and then freeze one.  It is just as easy to make two than just one.  After baking it is a good idea to let it rest for about 20min. It will pull itself back together and hold up on a cut and serve.  I usually add a salad and walla.

 Gluten Free, Low Fat, no Soy -  Lasagna. Very easy to make.


1/2 box Rice lasagna noodles
1 low fat cottage cheese
Fresh spinach
Turkey Italian Sausage
Low fat Mozzarella
2 cans tomato Sauce
Parmesan Cheese

Combine the Tomato sauce with:
.....dried onions, oregano, basil, chopped bell pepper,

Cook pasta and sausage..
Layer  : Sauce, noodles, cottage cheese, sausage, cheese.
Repeat layers again. Sauce and Mozzerella on top
Bake 350 for 45 min