Saturday, March 30, 2013

A4V - Accept for Value - Is it true.. Can we beat em at their own game???

Ok whats this all about.  The Strawman, soveriegn system I believe.  Is it True?  They have made so many laws after laws after laws that they may have lawed themselves right out of their own money.  Follow me on this as I research the posibilities.

So supposedly, you can write "Accept for Value" on any bill, then endorse it and mail it back.  It should be paid.  I believe that you must add your SS# on it somewhere because that is the account with the gov. that you are charging it to. Some websites say they paid their property tax that way and it worked.  spooky, when it comes to your home.   However, I wonder and wonder.  I am going to keep researching and update everyone what I find.

This is all centered around the Law of Commerce and the 14th Ammendment.

First of all, there has to be an agreement, an instrument, and endorsement. These are the key words I have learned so far. I will keep you informed as I find out......