Monday, July 28, 2014

Pre - #GLAMPING - The way she were.. First look before the GLAMP #Makeover

 Wanted to show the inside before we begin with the re-do.  We will NOT be stripping out the inside of the camper.  We want it the way it is, it has a great design and everything is placed as it should be.  We are just going to give he a face lift, a make over, a new Do!.

Heres the  inside - very dark and dingy - all wood paneling.  Everything is in good condition though, she has a bathroom also.  We're gonna start by cleaning her out and painting the inside.

The Art - Turning a 1973 Shasta, Vintage RV - into a #Glamper

WOW, I found Her,  the ole Vintage camper I am going to Glamp Up!. She is a 1973 Shasta, I think it may be a stratoflyte but not for sure.  She is 20Ft long, 17ft camper and 3 ft tongue.  she is 7'8" wide and full of old paneling.

She's a Little Rough , but she shore is a beute!

I will be posting my glamperama here every Few days.  Please keep checking as we glamorize this baby.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Puppy - Tiny SHi-Chi - she needs a name

We have a new family member.   A tiny puppy that looks like a guinea pig.  She is a shiatsu and Chihuahua mix.  So very tiny we have to give her cat toys to play with.  We cant figure a name for her yet we are considering Buttercup, Twinkles, Darlin, Muffin, Thumper, but we need something really cute and precious.;  My Sister adopted my pups sister so we have twins in the family.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayers for Energy and Healing.



I ask my True Creator, all bright Higher forces, whose help I need today,
 to gather with all my energy and information space, with aura, biofield, with all systems and organs until intranuclear, the intracellular level of all the energy that I willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously,
 took other people in the past, present and future, please collect them, clean, skip through the filters and return those to whom they belong. 
I ask them all for forgiveness, forgive me and release on the judgment of God. Amen. 
And I forgive you all and let go on the judgment of God. Amen 
And all the energy that was initially given to me at the time I was born, according to the Divine Plan, find, restore (if necessary - replace), brush, thread it through the filters and return to me in the past, present and future, from this second and forever. Amen. My true creator! Amen.

Prayer for self-healing

 (250x537, 38Kb)
I filled with radiant light, 
I am filled with life, 
I have - life itself, hungry expression, 
I united in its existence. 
I am healthy, 
I am happy, 
I am at peace! My life is filled with goodness and beauty! I - being the Divine Light I - essence of Divine Love, I - being the Divine Power I - a child of God.God keeps me in His gentle hand, full of love and protection, and opening yourself to His love, I get healed. appreciated and I fully accept all the priceless blessings and all energy healing on all levels - mental, emotional, etheric and physical - at the same moment! With full faith I thank You, God!This prayer for healing can be used as a meditation. Meditate on each line, penetrating the meaning of each word, and use visualization. ***** from list

This spiritual awakening takes you to a new level by updating and improving, so that each day will bring you a new joy. As soon as you continue to pray, you climb higher and higher, and the Spirit begins to pour out a flood, so that your whole being revived and filled with new energy. And then your body starts to function harmoniously. Fill reason Divine truths, and they will squeeze out of it everything that is not like God, and will heal. Persistence and repetition can produce in your mind wonders. Repeat these great truths:

 "Healing Divine power is going through me, healing my body. Infinite Healing presence created me. It knows how to heal; knows all the processes and functions of my body. I declare that the Holy Spirit now passes through me, supporting and restoring my whole being in accordance with the principles of integrity, beauty and perfection. " 

This prayer will strengthen your spiritual strength, because the soul - it is subconscious. No matter what your problem is - it's negative image, a complex poison hidden in the corners of your subconscious. Lower obeys higher.Therefore, when you spiritualize your thoughts and nourish the subconscious life-affirming images of integrity, beauty and perfection in the subconscious will not have other alternative but to be cleansed, and be followed by healing. useless to pray to God and beg Him to heal you. God does not respond to requests and entreaties. Divine presence responds to your faith, belief and understanding, and on "your faith be it unto you." 


Friday, March 21, 2014

Crazy Art Quilt - using Coloring Pages - what a challenge

Here we go ... another wild idea ... I have been looking at adult coloring pages and they are fabulous.  So, I am going to try to quilt one.  Make a freeform art quilt with embroidery and patchwork .  Here are a few ideas.

Here is another

What is the name of the Paisley Floral Pattern... ????

What is the name of the flowers that accompany  Paisleys sometimes... the floral pattern can be seen without paisleys also.... They are all over my house.  I guess I am drawn to them ..

The paisley its self is described as " Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin" from wiki.


So I have found the pattern under DAMASK however damask is a type of weave of fabric that uses these flowers but the name refers to the fabrick not the print

I have found it under JACQUARD which means a raised design - again a type of fabric not the name of the print itself

Now I have found it under HENNA flowers but that refers to how the pattern is applied to the skin and not the name of the pattern

\I found it under persian lotus flowers,   and Baroque era, Lotus, but still no real concept name for the design in total.
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