Monday, July 28, 2014

Pre - #GLAMPING - The way she were.. First look before the GLAMP #Makeover

 Wanted to show the inside before we begin with the re-do.  We will NOT be stripping out the inside of the camper.  We want it the way it is, it has a great design and everything is placed as it should be.  We are just going to give he a face lift, a make over, a new Do!.

Heres the  inside - very dark and dingy - all wood paneling.  Everything is in good condition though, she has a bathroom also.  We're gonna start by cleaning her out and painting the inside.

The Art - Turning a 1973 Shasta, Vintage RV - into a #Glamper

WOW, I found Her,  the ole Vintage camper I am going to Glamp Up!. She is a 1973 Shasta, I think it may be a stratoflyte but not for sure.  She is 20Ft long, 17ft camper and 3 ft tongue.  she is 7'8" wide and full of old paneling.

She's a Little Rough , but she shore is a beute!

I will be posting my glamperama here every Few days.  Please keep checking as we glamorize this baby.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Puppy - Tiny SHi-Chi - she needs a name

We have a new family member.   A tiny puppy that looks like a guinea pig.  She is a shiatsu and Chihuahua mix.  So very tiny we have to give her cat toys to play with.  We cant figure a name for her yet we are considering Buttercup, Twinkles, Darlin, Muffin, Thumper, but we need something really cute and precious.;  My Sister adopted my pups sister so we have twins in the family.