Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis after Breast Cancer OUCH more?

Been awhile, been dealin with the aftermath of Breast cancer treatments.  6 months out now.  They say they got it all and sorry your body took it so hard.  I am left with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a several other conditions.  The arthritis has really flared the last month.  It mainly my hands right now,  ......

I have been on the elimination diet now for 2 months and have found that nightshade vegys really bother me..  I have to try introducing them again to make sure that is truly what made me ache all over the next day.  Of course, I don't want to experience the pain and awful day of hardly being able to move.  But one must be sure , especially cause I love tomatoes, and a bowl of mild chili sent me into a flair - a bad one. 

Oh, Eggs also, whew that really hurts, since I have a few pet chickens, it's amazing how I used to eat eggs everyother day.  I eliminated them for 6 weeks , then had a big breakfast and whew I can't believe how awful I felt.  I'm gonna miss them eggs.  I just give them away now, but I still love my chickens.   Here is their coop.

Here is a pic of my rheumi hands,  I usually have skinny fingers. 
During my last phases of Chemo, my head and arms swelled up.  They kinda thought it was water retention and a bit normal but usually happens in the lower half of the body.  Here it was inflammation my CRP was off the charts. That's how this all began.  I will blog more about my Breast cancer journey a little here and there,  even being on the other side for 6 months now, the subject is still tender and emotional.