Saturday, February 16, 2013

Waterbed sheets - theres got to be an easier way!

Super single waterbeds measure 48" x 84" .  I am going to try to make my own sheets.  So the width of the fabric would have to be 54" and I will need 2.33 yards for the length.  So I will purchase 2.5 yards of fabric.  If it is 54" wide like flannel than I will have 3" extra on each side for tucking under. If I purchase a 60" wide fabric than I should trim off 6".  This extra can be used to make the corner pockets for the waterbed to tuck into.  It will not need elastic like regular sheets, just a nice deep triangular pocket.

The single waterbed is 9 inches wider than a regular twin and/or 7 inches less than a double bed.  Regular sheets still won't work cause no matter the width - waterbeds are 9 inches longer than regular beds. 
Here are some measurements I got off of EHow.


  • Super single sheet sets come with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one standard pillow case. The flat sheet and the fitted sheets are sewn together at the bottom to prevent the sheets from coming off the bed. Flat sheets measure 55 inches wide by 96 inches long. Fitted sheets measure 48 inches wide by 84 inches long for a smooth fit. The standard pillowcase measures 20 by 32 inches.

Pocket Types

  • Waterbed sheets have different-size pockets to accommodate different mattress heights. Generally, super single waterbed  are 16 inches tall, and sheet sets with 16-inch-deep pockets fit underneath the mattress. However, depending on the manufacturer of the mattress and how much water you have in it, you may need a sheet set with 22-inch-deep pockets for the sheet to fit under the mattress securely enough to hold the sheets in place.
Waterbed Pole Pocket Sheets

King Waterbed Measures:72 x 84 or 6 feet x 7 feet
Queen Waterbed Measures60 x 84 or 5 feet x 7 feet
Super Single Waterbed Measures48 x 84 or 4 feet x 7 feet

Read more: Measurements of Super Size Waterbed Sheets |

Well here is another thought that would be a heck of alot easier why not buy 3 yards  of material and just turn under 9 inches on each end to make one pocket the whole width of the bed. Why wouldn't that work .